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who we are

We are a production company based on the Big Island of Hawaii. We specialize in using art, film and photography, to fuel a new wave of appreciation and curiosity for life. Through art we hope to invigorate people to seek out their happiness, to perpetuate community, and become stewards of the environment that supports us all.


Our mission is to Inspire by Being Inspired. To highlight people who have devoted their lives to being happy for themselves and creating happiness for those around them, giving back to their community and doing right for the environment. And bringing like-minded individuals together to continue our mission and progress.​

We would love to work with YOU! If you have a story that needs to be told to the world, or are a non profit that could use a little more attention about your cause, contact us today!


Each of our pieces is an original artwork produced by a local artist, and is printed in limited quantities. We hand print the design using water soluble; and eco-friendly materials. After purchase, the purchaser can visit the GIVE portion of our website with their receipt code, to apply the profit to a charity of their choosing.

Makabrush simple girl
BrushStroke Mock
Shirt Mock 41 copy
Tree rings


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