Maka Project is committed to providing you apparel that not only looks great , but that you’ll be proud to wear as well.


We use fair trade and eco friendly materials including Bamboo and Organic cotton. Not only do these materials feel unbelievably soft on the skin, they are great for the environment. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth using very little water, and Organic cotton uses no pesticides of any kind.


All of the printing is done in Hawaii with non-toxic, water based inks.


It doesn’t end there. A portion of each sale is donated to one of several charities chosen by you! You can head over to the GIVE portion of our website and pick which non profit you want your money to go to.


We know it’s the little things that count and with these continued contributions, and with your help, we hope to sew goodness into the fabric of our lives.



© 2018  Maka Project

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