Over the years we have helped organize local and international fundraisers. Weve been lucky enough to witness our local community come together time and time again to show each other support.


But as time has moved forward we've wanted to create a lasting revenue stream for all the different organizations we've had the pleasure of working with.

That's part of why Maka Eco-Apparel was created. We believe that everyone deep down wants to lend a helping hand. But with the bustle of life it can be hard to choose which direction to extend that hand.


From each purchase of a Maka Project garment, we apply a percentage of the sale to a charity of your choosing. We've selected a few charities nominated by our patrons for you to choose from. Using the donation code from your purchased garment tag, fill out the donation form below and pick the charity from the drop down menu.


You can also nominate a charity to be added to the list for next time. (Only 5013c non profits can be considered)

Redeem your Donation

Only enter one charity and code at a time. Allow form to refresh before entering multiple donation codes.

You will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours of submitting.

We promise not to share your email with any 3rd party organization. We only collect emails to send you confirmation and thanks for your donation. Aloha!


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